Laundry, Hotels & Institutional

i chem, New Zealand, supply & install central chemical dosing systems, cleaning & sanitising equipment to hotels, bars, laundries, & associated businesses.

Examples of the chemical dosing systems, and cleaning and sanitising equipment i chem can supply to your hotel, bar, laundry or associated business.

Dishwashing Pump

i Chem have experience and expertise in supply and installation of Chemical Dosing Systems within laundries, hotels, bars, and similar organisations.  We recommend the DC906 Twin Dose system

 The Warewash DC906 Twin Dose:

  • The DC 906 Twin dose peristaltic pump unit provides total versatility and can be used in “probe” mode or “probe-less” mode (time based) controlling up to two products. The circuit board features potentiometers (pots) and Dip switch componentry that is both reliable and easy to use.

  • interface with all machine types.

  • Equipment Rating MODEL: DC906 INPUT : 120\208\240VAC 50-6-Hz 30w RINSE: 0-42ml/min @ 4bar DETERGENT: 0-110ml/min @2bar TEMPERATURE: 5degC – 40degC USAGE: For indoor use on ware-washing pumps



DOSING FOR DETERGENT, SANITIZING AND MOST OTHER CONCENTRATED INSTITUTIONAL CLEANING PRODUCTS FAST, EASY INSTALLATION no drill required, when replacing existing pumps, the hole patterns on the smart bracket match most existing models. Easy mounting and removing with the smart mounting bracket ACCURATE DOSING each push yields the same volume output every time ADJUSTABLE FLOW RATE internally adjustable to deliver 7,5, 15, 22, 30 cc per push COMPLETE RANGE models available for detergents, solvents and chlorine products RELIABLE spring not in contact with liquid, inlet and outlet valve easily accessible for cleaning or replacing

Dilution Systems

ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE Easily personalized facing allows customization HYDRAULIC revolutionary hydraulics sets a new industry standard of performance and reliability TOOL FREE Mount the bracket on the wall and put away your tools MODULAR The Modular DILUIT.PRO System, reduces and simplifies inventory WORKING TEMPERATURE up to 70° C WORKING PRESSURE 1÷9 bar    

Microdos Bar Washer & Kitchen Dishwashers


Peristaltic pump with flow rate regulation

  • Detergent = 6ltrs/hr at 1 bar

  • Rinse = 1ltr/hr at 3 bar

  • Polypropylene body

  • Policarbonate front panel

  • 20-230 Vac multi-voltage power supply

  • 10-100% speed regulation

  • 100 % Made in Italy

  • CE regulation compliant

One Shot and Twin Shot

One Shot and Twin Shot Liquid Systems for 1 and 2 Products.

Features of the One-Shot

  • Chemical dispensing system engineered to dispense one or two chemicals into laundry machines from 17 lb. (7.7 kg) to 125 lb. (56.5 kg)capacity

  • Chemical feed triggered by direct interface to the washer or manually activated by the user via the dispenser or optional remote activator, and

  • A unique "Product Lockout" feature helps you control product consumption, that means you can keep costs to a minimum.

Laundry Machine Auto-Dosing Pumps

The DC Laundry system was developed with reliability in mind. It comes complete with flush manifold and options of branding your business logos on the panel face. Comes standard with i chem label. Applications: Top Load or On-Premise Laundry Machines are ideal for:

  • Motels

  • Restaurants

  • Nursing homes

  • Industrial laundries

  • Hotels

  • Car-wash stations

  • Hydroponics

    Key features include:

    • 2-4 pump configurations

    • Proven reliable peristaltic pump (300mls/min)

    • Intuitive remote control with 8 formula capability

    • Multi-voltage 115/230 VAC

    • Stainless Panel with option of your own business label

    • Full parts back up

    Dose Control Venturi Housekeeping Dispensers

    The DC Series mixing systems with spouts, are available from 1-5 product size cases. These mixing stations allow for use of chemical concentrate in any size container. The clean efficient, non-drip spouts provide the safest way to fill bottles without the mess of flexible tubing.  

    Key features include:

    • Approved ASSE 1055B Back Flow Preventer

    • One hand bottle filling Fill tube design minimizes foaming