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i Chem Ltd services the chemical dosing sector through the provision of industry-leading technology and equipment.

i Chem specialise in providing chemical dosing systems for:

One Shot for getting the correct volume in your tanks every time. 1 or 2 products (Acid/Alkali)

Experience and expertise in chemical cleaning and sanitation ichem Limited director, Brendon Blackwood-Moles, has over 15 years of experience and expertise in the chemical cleaning and sanitation business. We operate in a niche market. That means we can focus on the individual needs of our clients and provide the most economical, reliable and safe systems available, meaning you, the customer will save money and reduce staff chemical handling.

At the heart of i chem’s success is the repeat business we experience because of our customers’ ultimate satisfaction. Flexibility and customised cleaning and sanitation systems we will work alongside you to ensure your site’s cleaning and sanitation systems are safe and efficient.

We use the robust and reliable dosing systems. i chem produce the most comprehensive line of chemical control systems for the cleaning and hygiene industry. At i chem we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our systems and processes. That means we are able to manage the largest of installations, or the most basic single pump on bar washers.

We service your needs anywhere in New Zealand. We have a large range of products and can design and build “Plug and Play” systems to meet your unique requirements. Exceeding customer chemical dosing expectations i chem has a proven history of exceeding customer expectations.

We offer services such as: a flexible computer-assisted drawing design direct importation of equipment and accessories for the chemical industry, and intelligent chemical solutions tailored to all your individual requirements.

  • In industries that demand precise hygiene and sanitation, we can ensure accurate and sustained chemical dosage system from your washing equipment, pumps and foaming stations. We import a comprehensive range of chemically resistant valves and fittings compliant with New Zealand market standards, and we are the New Zealand distributor of i chem Systems, Knight, MicroDos and Etatron pumps for the cleaning and hygiene industry.



i chem supply chemical dosing systems to industries including, the food and beverage industry, the dairy sector, laundries, hotels, etc., and bulk transfer systems.

I offer an extensive range of services. Learn more what I provide below, and let me know if you have any questions or special requests.
I look forward to adding you to my long list of satisfied clients.


Laundry, Hotels & Institutional

i chem, New Zealand, supply & install central chemical dosing systems, cleaning & sanitising equipment to hotels, bars, laundries, & associated businesses.

Dairy Systems

i chem, NZ, supply Chemical Dosing Systems,
& cleaning & sanitising equipment & accessories
for the dairy industry including:
DairyChem Plus, ParlorGuard, SprayGuard, One-Shot, Diaphragm Pumps, & Suction Lances.


Food and Beverage

i chem, NZ, supply Food & Beverage Suppliers with, Central Dosing Systems for detergents & sanitisers, Open Plant Cleaning Systems, Foaming Stations, CIP Systems.

Commercial Dosing Systems | Ichem Limited | Auckland

i chem supply chemical dosing systems to industries including, the food and beverage industry, the dairy sector, laundries, hotels, etc, and bulk transfer systems.

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Foggers ULV Ultra Fine Mist

i chem supply foggers for sanitisaion, disinfection, insecticidal & agricultural use.  Units are portable and effective to treat workplaces such as: schools, institiutions, hotels, restaurants.


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