Dairy Systems

i chem, NZ, supply Chemical Dosing Systems, & cleaning & sanitising equipment & accessories for the dairy industry including: DairyChem Plus, ParlorGuard, SprayGuard, One-Shot, Diaphragm Pumps, & Suction Lances.

Farm Systems 

Trough Feed Pump sets

The Diaphragm pump sets provide consistent dilution and the most reliable system available on the New Zealand Market. Where other proportional dosing systems block up and scour the suction pistons with heavy media, The i chem systems provide a more cost effective and secure method of dosing. Maintenance is generally only required once every 18 months, once installed to our specifications. Cost is also generally below the purchase of 1 standard Proportional pump, based on the 8000 gal/hr pumps.

 One Shot 1.2ltr/min or Twin Shot 300mls/min


One-Shot Liquid Dispensing Systems for 1 and 2 Products

Batch dosing pumps for your cleaning requirements.

Get the same volume of liquid at the press of the button

Remote Start push buttons

Can be triggered via closed contact or voltage supplied to trigger

Diaphragm Pumps

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is the engine that drives an entire range of new chemical management solutions for the Food Chain Hygiene, Laundry, and Industrial markets. In combination with the Liquidtrol, the AODD pump becomes a cost-effective chemical control system with accurate liquid dispensing for food & beverage, dairy, laundry, and industrial applications.

Metering Pumps


  • Automatic control, 4-20mA and 20-4mA current signals can be ratioed from 100% to 2% of incoming signal.

  • Manual control allows for a combined 1000:1 turndown resulting in accurate metering for critical applications.

  • Relay Output for computer interface or AC power allows for external control.

  • Six-button Touch Pad Control with internationally recognised symbols for simplified programming.

  • Simple prompts in plain language allow for easy-to-understand instructions for programming. Available in three languages.

  • Alarm signals for signal loss, full count, circuit failure, pulse overflow and pulse rate high. Liquid low level indicator capability is standard.

  • Timed sequences can be set for selected intervals and rate for repetitive metering.

  • Pulse signals can be multiplied or divided by 1 to 999 allowing for pumps to handle peak requirements.

  • LCD, 16 character dot matrix backlit multi-lingual display allows for easy reading and user-friendly programming.

  • Extended Two Year Warranty on electronic circuit board for trouble-free service.

  • Flow Rates from 0.5 ltrs/hr through to 95 ltrs/hr

Polypropylene and PVDF Chemical Resistant Fittings

i chem can supply a full range of:

  • straight joiners

  • reducing couplings

  • bulkhead fittings

  • PVC needle valves

  • check valves

  • pneumatic speed controllers, and

  • low level switches.

Clean In Place (CIP)

An automated 3-step cleaning system supplied by i chem, is designed to take the guess work out of your CIP process.

The CIP system is totally flexible and can be retro-fitted to existing tanks and or pipework.

Design and build options enable us to help you maximise the systems efficiency which will minimise chemical consumption and reduce labour and chemical handling requirements.

Metering pumps are shown in this example.

Plug and Play CIP Sets

We are able to supply manual one touch CIP sets, or semi-automated CIP sets, if required.

Air driven pumps rated for acids, caustics and sanitisers drive the product from any location.

Chemicals can be mounted outside process floors to minimise chemical handing for your staff.

Water Treatment - Chlorine injection pumps

The MicroDos MP series pumps are the most cost effective method of treating your shed water supply on the market

MP2-R1 : 1ltr/hr @ 3Bar, 20-240VAC

Mp2-R6 : 6ltr/hr @ 1Bar, 20-240VAC

Mp3 -BT : 05ltr/hr @ 3Bar, 240VAC

Larger Flow rated pumps available 230VAC to 1.2ltrs/min . Please send requirements through.