Food and Beverage

i chem, NZ, supply Food & Beverage Suppliers with, Central Dosing Systems for detergents & sanitisers, Open Plant Cleaning Systems, Foaming Stations, CIP Systems.

Here are some examples of the chemical dosing systems, and cleaning and sanitising equipment and accessories i chem can supply to your food and beverage business.

Suction Lance with Low Level Switch

20 ltr, 100 ltr, and 200 ltr 3-way Suction Lance with Low Level Switch

1000 ltr Transi-Tank Suction Lance with Low Level Switch

Custom Made Suction Lance for Bulk Tanks with Low Level Switch

Low Level suction lances are of PVC construction with Check Valve to keep lines fully primed.

Central Dosing Systems (CDS)

  • Centrally located pump system

  • Single or double pipe reticulation for foaming detergents and sanitisers

  • Pipe Reticulations in Schedule 80 PVC, polyethylene or PP-R fusion pipe

  • Double or single foaming stations (drop stations) constructed in 316 stainless steel

  • Rugged stations mounted in process areas producing a beautiful foam

  • Camlok fittings provide easy connection of foam hose; best used with the foam nozzle for a great foam pattern.

  • Plant Requirements: 3/4" (1.9 cm) cold water supply Compressed air line and single phase power for the pumping system

Open Plant Cleaning Systems

Proportional dosing systems to ensure efficacy and negating chemical overdosing for:

  • boot wash

  • utensil and cutting board soaking

  • apron wash

  • boot scrubbers, and foot baths.

Plant Requirements: 1/2" (1.27 cm) cold water supply. Back flow prevention can be supplied.

Clean In Place (CIP)

  • Automated 3-step cleaning systems

  • designed to take the guess work out of your Clean In Place (CIP) process

  • The CIP system is totally flexible and can be retro-fitted to existing tanks and or pipework

  • Design and build options to maximise the efficacy of the chemistry which will minimise your chemical consumption and reduce labour and chemical handling requirements

Water Sanitising System

  • Proportional dosed chlorine injection units with backflow prevention available on request

  • Volumes and pressures to be discussed according to your needs

  • A typical system would dose to 2ppm and as much as 200ppm when required

Proportional injected dosing guarantees you will have the correct amount of active chlorine (free chlorine) on demand.

Foaming Stations - Double or Single

  • Polished 316 stainless steel foam stations with a robust design which creates beautiful foam.

  • Customised stations available on request.

These stations are fed with the diluted foaming detergent and sanitiser. A compressed air line feed is required.

Foam Nozzles

  • Standard 100mm long 19mmOD. Swaged to create a great foam pattern.

  • Single Foam System Ideal for:

  • Truck wash bays

  • Container cleaning

  • Degreaser or sanitising stations.

System requires a cold water supply and compressed air. Air and backflow prevention can be supplied.

Plug and Play CIP Sets

Manual one touch CIP sets. Semi-automated if required. Air driven pumps rated for acids, caustics and sanitisers drive the product from any location.

Chemicals can be mounted outside process floors to minimise chemical handing for your staff.

Air Driven and Metering Pumps

Air-operated Double Diaphragm pumps

Uniflow or Sandpiper from Knight equipment and IDEX fluid

Metering pumps from 0.5 ltrs/hr - 95 ltrs/hr and up to 9 bar

Polypropylene and PVDF Chemical Resistant Fittings

Full range of straight joiners, reducing couplings, bulkhead fittings, PVC needle valves, check valves, pneumatic speed controllers and low level switches.